Wintertime Hideouts

Looking for hot food, warming drinks, and a cozy atmosphere?

These venues fit the bill. Our top three choices for wintertime hideouts are below.

Green Street Grill

The Green Street Grill in Cambridge

WHAT: Neptune Oyster
WHERE: 63 Salem Street, Boston
WHY: As big as a shoebox (18 seats). Food is almost as good as the atmosphere, especially if you’re having the Neptunes on Piggyback appetizer or the Vitello Tonnato sandwich. North End-worthy Italian wines on the list too.

WHAT: Green Street Grill
WHERE: 280 Green Street, Cambridge
WHY: Drink may be the most fanciful cocktail place in Boston, but Green Street is still the best for artfully made cocktails. The bartenders are professionals who take the business of putting together good drinks very seriously. As for food: lots of braising and grilling going on – time to warm up! — plus fun snacks if you’re just hanging out.

WHAT: Hungry Mother
WHERE: 233 Cardinal Medeiros Avenue, Cambridge
WHY: Southern cuisine, French twists, all kinds of homestyle charm. Killer cocktails and fantastic if tiny draft beer list too.

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