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Postcards from Ireland: The Ballymaloe Cookery School

Building on yesterday’s musings about the reality of Julia Child presented at Ballymaloe Cookery School, and the sense of her spirit, one of the best ways to convey both is through photos of a recent event at Ballymaloe.

Chef Darina Allen prepares apples with caramel sauce for a classic tarte tatin. Allen recently led a two-and-a-half day course called “Homage to Julia Child.” Afternoons were devoted to cooking demonstrations of many of Julia Child’s classic recipes (such as tarte tatin and duck en croute), and in the mornings students headed into the kitchens to prepare the recipes themselves. More than 50 students from five different countries gathered at Ballymaloe for the course.

Chef Rory O’Connell demonstrates deboning a duck in the demonstration kitchen of Ballymaloe. The demonstration kitchen is outfitted with 11 gas burners, two video screens, and an enormous mirror overhead to reflect a bird’s eye view onto the dishes and activity below.

A visiting student to the “Homage to Julia Child” short course debones a duck for the duck en croute recipe.

Butter and leeks wait on a prep trolley for students to prepare the Buttered Leeks recipe during the Julia Child course.

One of many compost buckets at Ballymaloe. Kitchen scraps are used for compost and to feed the chickens.

One of several coops to house two Ballymaloe hens each.

Fresh eggs from Ballymaloe’s own hens.

Fresh, colorful peppers within easy reach of the cooks at Ballymaloe.

Flowers in the organic gardens just outside the doors of Ballymaloe Cookery School.

Timmy Allen, husband of Chef Darina Allen, gives a walking tour of the Ballymaloe gardens to the local chapter of GIY, or Grow It Yourself Ireland, an enormously popular gardening group that aims to “take the self out of self-sufficiency.”

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