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WGBH Kitchen Crew: Corn and Tomato Tart

Corn and tomato tart, by Judy Mattera.

By Judy Mattera, member of the WGBH Kitchen Crew

This is a perfect summer recipe utilizing local corn and tomatoes. It can be served many ways:

  1. for lunch with a mixed green salad
  2. as a first course for a plated dinner
  3. as an accompaniment with grilled chicken, pork or fish dish for your summer barbecue

Recipe Suggestions for Pie Crust:

Cube butter; place in freezer. I like to use my butter frozen so when you pulse the sifted flour, salt and butter in the food processor it will resemble small pebbles or corn kernels as stated in recipe.

You should rest your dough for 30 minutes before rolling.

You can also make your pie crust a couple of days before making this tart. After rolling and placing in pie or tart pan, cover and place in freezer. This will save you time on day of assembling.

When blind baking crust, remove pie weights or dried beans after 15 minutes. Return to oven and continue to bake for 5 more minutes.

Wine Suggestions:

La Crema Chardonnay is a great match with the corn and creamy filling which will complement the buttery traits and richness of this wine.

Completed corn and tomato tart, by Judy Lebel.

By Judy Lebel, member of the WGBH Kitchen Crew

The seasonality and freshness of the ingredients was the appeal of this recipe.

Who knew that making a pie crust is as easy as putting air in your car tires? I learned how to do both this week and feel quite liberated!

Once committed, I realized there was neither a food processor nor a rolling pin in the kitchen. Fortunately, I do have a blender and, of course, a wine bottle. Zin, to be specific. Both did their jobs beautifully.

There is plenty of time to prep the filling while the crust is baking. And, during 10 minutes of the cooling time, you can have the corn cooked and ready to go. This will keep the total cooking time to a minimum.

The measurements were perfectly balanced, although the extra sharp cheese wasn’t detectible. My tart took an additional 14 minutes to cook and still wasn’t exactly golden brown even though the egg mixture had set.

This is an extremely tasty dish that makes a beautiful summer presentation. The crust was flaky and the fresh sweetness of the corn and tomatoes complemented each other quite nicely.  This is an excellent basic tart recipe that can be modified to showcase vegetables of any season.

Definitely a keeper!


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