About the WGBH Kitchen Crew

The Kitchen Crew tests Daily Dish recipes from Ming Tsai of Simply Ming, Lidia Bastianich of Lidia’s Italy, and Annie Copps, senior editor of food at Yankee Magazine. They crew is a diverse group of foodies in locations throughout the Boston area.

Kitchen Crew bios

Lisa Byrne: “I’m the founder of Super Mom 101, and enjoy preparing delicious meals for my busy family of five. I would love to sample recipes substituting non-dairy ingredients.”

Adam Centamore: “I am a manager at Formaggio Kitchen in Cambridge. I love Harriet van Horne, who said, ‘Cooking is like love. It must be entered into with abandon, or not at all.'”

Nancy Costello: “I am a foodie, but a complete novice — well, maybe not completely, but I love to follow recipes. They don’t always come out awesome, but I still try. My significant other is an amazing cook and always trying new things, so I’m the best taste-tester.”

Nancy Dieterich: “I’m the director of Local Radio Sponsorship at WGBH.”

Cathy Huyghe: “I write for the WGBH Daily Dish blog, and formerly have worked in the kitchens of Thomas Keller, Alice Waters, and Jean-Pierre Vigato in Paris. I’m WSET-certified and author of 365daysofwine.com, published widely in print and online for stories on wine, food, and travel.”

Judy Lebel: “Some might call me a veg-aholic as I couldn’t imagine dining without fresh vegetables — and fresh fish. There’s nothing better than striking the perfect match of wine to food, maximizing the flavors of both!”

Judy Mattera: “As pastry chef and owner of Sweet Solutions, not only can I test recipes, but I can contribute in the dessert course, along with pairings for sweet and fortified wines.”

Rebecca Miller: “I was a foodie before the word existed! I learned to cook out of necessity, and necessity begat love.”

Beth O’Brien: “Food-wise, I am all about using what’s fresh that day, week, or season and have a firm belief in the power of olive oil and salt to transform any savory food into something edible, if not sublime.”

Sue Schochet: “I’m the founder of Healthy Habits Kitchen in Wellesley, where I combine my passions for cooking and sharing healthy food with the community.”

Ann Trieger: “I’ve been cooking since I was a teenager, and in the late 1970s attended cooking school in Paris for three months at Le Cordon Bleu. My certificate is for pastry, but I also took cooking classes at the school and also at La Varenne, another Paris cooking school. I cook a lot at home, and worked in the wine business for eight years.”

Steve Wasserman: “I am an amateur baker who specializes in cookies and brownies. I’ve been a volunteer at WGBH since 1967.”

One Response

  1. Wow Cathy, just Wow!!! You look great and it was wonderful to read about you and your many accomplishments.

    See you Friday at the GBH Old World, New World Tasting.


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