The Daily Dish: Kitchen Basics

stock pot

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My kitchen doesn’t need anything super fancy. But I do have a few essentials that make cooking easier and more delicious.

  1. A large stock pot is a must for making soups. Soups are great because they can be frozen, then can be easily prepared during the week when time is precious.
  2. Heavy sauce pans or dutch ovens are what I use for roasts and braises.
  3. I love a cast iron skillet for high temperature searing, delicious stove top roasting—and it will last you a lifetime.
  4. For pasta lovers like me, a 14″ diameter skillet is a must. You can toss the pasta with the sauce just before serving. It’s also a perfect pan for quick-cooking meats and skillet-braised vegetables, Italian style.
  5. Another essential is a great glass of Bastianich wine.

Buon appetito!


The Daily Dish: The Kitchen Tools I Can’t Live Without

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In the kitchen I like the basics so I don’t use a lot of gadets, but here are a few I would recommend to any amateur or professional for their kitchen:

1. For pasta I always use a simpe, inexpensive chicken wire spider skimmer on a bamboo handle to lift the pasta and vegetables from the water.

2. Metal tongs are another essential tool. When I am at the stove I always have a pair on hand, they are perfect removing long noodles, pieces of meat or fish, or just a quick stir.

3. Another treasure: My wooden spoons for mixing, stirring, and tasting.

4. And when your meal is ready to serve, have wine glasses handy and a nice bottle of Bastianich wine to toast.

Salute e buon appetito!
lidia bastianichLidia Matticchio Bastianich was born in Pola, Istria, on the northeastern coast of the Adriatic Sea. She is a cookbook author, restaurateur, and TV chef extraordinaire. Watch Lidia’s Italy Saturdays at 1:30pm on WGBH 2 or Sundays at 4pm on WGBH 44.